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Luchon Tutorials in Theoretical Chemistry

LTTC school is unique in its kind. There does not exist a similar school in Europe and probably not even in the world.

The aim of this school is teach Master students in Theoretical Chemistry the art of transforming theory into working computer code with which calculations of realistic systems can be performed.

Every day there is a new topic related to theoretical chemistry. In the morning there is be a lecture explaining the theory and practical aspects to implementing the theory in computer code. The lecture is followed by a hands-on tutorial in which the students have to do assignments in which they have to ‘’translate’’ the theory taught in the lecture into a working computer code. They then test their codes by using them for calculations.

The tutorial is specifically targeted towards the students of the Erasmus-Mundus Master
«Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling (TCCM)». Both Master and PhD students of NanoX will have priority for the participation to the school.

The 2021 edition of the Luchon Tutorial in Computational Chemistry (LTTC-2021), will be the seventh of this series. Given the ongoing Covid pandemic it won’t be possible to hold the school in Superbagnères: it will be hold remotely by videoconference. NanoX support consists in buying high quality equipment to enable optimal videoconferences.

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