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In addition to the scientific equipment available in research labs, the Toulouse site offers several technical facilities for education purpose or for research projects

Teaching Centre on Nanosciences and Nanotechnology (AIME)

It is a unique tool for the training of Master and PhD students to the most recent and sophisticated techniques used in the nanoworld within a multidisciplinary approach (physics, chemistry, biology, systems). This center is based on the so-called “Atelier Inter universitaire de Micro Electronique de Toulouse” (AIME). Take a virtual tour (select AIME on the left of the screen. Description of facilities will be translated in English soon…).

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High Performance Computing Center (CALMIP)

It supports mainly local researchers from science and industry by providing high-performance computing technologies, services and support. Researchers have access to 13 464 cores, 48 GP-CPU cards and 76 To of memory, with an overall 1,365 Pflop/s Peak computer performance.



The Microanalysis Centre

The Raimond Castaing Centre houses 12 instruments for micro- and nano-analysis including the equipment required for preparing the specimens (2 electron microprobes, 4 scanning electron microscopes equipped with field emission guns (FEG-SEM) one with a dual beam, transmission electron microscopes, 1 secondary-ion mass spectrometer)



Teaching facilities

A large number of equipment is made available to favour the hands-on principle in physics and chemistry (NMR, GC-MS, IR, HPLC, MEB, Capillary Electrophoresis)