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Nanoscience, nanotechnologies and engineering at the nanoscale are domains of utmost importance for economic development. Fundamentally challenging, research of exceptional quality is essential to enable exploration of terra incognita. A new generation of scientists, leading innovation and creativity, must be trained alongside world-class specialists whilst also being introduced to the importance of an interdisciplinary R&D approach. This is the main goal of the international master of Nanoscale Science & Engineering. Located at the world-renowned research and teaching center in Toulouse, you will be introduced to the various physics, chemistry and material sciences that inter-link to form groundbreaking Nanoscience and engineering technologies.

The NanoX Master of Nanoscale Science & Engineering has been designed to be a pre-thesis. It offers a unique combination of intensive hands-on courses and in-lab immersion with an emphasis on students’ hands-on experience.

To offer high quality supervision, only 18 places are open. Students will be selected on academic and motivation criteria.

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