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Triangular Ln-based molecular magnets



Lab: LCC

Duration: NanoX master Internship (8 months part-time in-lab immersion)

Latest starting date: 01/11/2022

Localisation: LCC-CNRS
205 route de Narbonne
31000 Toulouse

Jean-Pascal Sutter, Dr

This research master's degree project could be followed by a PhD

Work package:
This project aims the preparation and the investigation of a family of chiral trinuclear complexes of formula [Ln3L3]3+ (illustration). This complex is formed with a chiral polydentate ligand wrapping around three lanthanide ions (LnIII). These ions exhibit paramagnetic and luminescence properties that will be investigated. The organization of the Ln ions in a perfect equilateral triangle should lead to a peculiar magnetic behavior that makes these compounds interesting candidates for quantum computing but this may dependent on the Ln ion. Therefore complexes of different Ln ions (Nd, Gd, Tb, Dy , etc…) will be considered. Each of these ions has a specific luminescence that will be studies. The development of this project combines chemical synthesis, characterizations, and physical properties investigations. In a first step the syntheses of the ligand (organic chemistry) and of the metal complexes using different LnIII salts (coordination chemistry) will be performed. In each step of the process various characterizations such as NMR, IR, UV-vis, Circular Dichroism, and by X-ray diffraction techniques, will be performed to ensure the purities of the products. The crystal structures of the novel complexes will also be investigated. Then, the luminescence and magnetic properties will be investigated. This study will be completed by theoretical calculations performed (in collaboration with LCPQ from Toulouse University). The student in charge of this project will be involved in each step. He/she will benefit of the assistance of the members of the group, and be trained in the use of all the techniques required for the development of the project.

Reagents and structural organization of the chiral triangular complex [Ln3L3]3+.

Concomitant Emergence of Circularly Polarized Luminescence and Single-Molecule Magnet Behavior in Chiral-at-Metal Dy Complex. Inorg. Chem. Front. 2020, 7, 4527

Areas of expertise:
coordination chemistry, molecular nano-magnets, Quantum Information materials

Required skills for the internship:
This internship requires a good background in molecular chemistry and physical chemistry, and an interest in synthesis and properties investigation. It will allow the student to become familiar with the field of molecular materials and acquire many characterization techniques and data analyses.