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physical properties of the INTERmediate states of the multilevel phase change memories for artificial SYNAPSES

Research project selected under the 2020 call for proposals

Principal Investigator : Lionel CALMELS

Involved Teams :


Type of project : Collaborative Project

Date (start/end) : 2020 – 2023

a) TEM image of one of the phase-change memory cells used to investigate the states of intermediate resistivity. b) Crystal structure of the phase-change material Ge2Sb2Te5 used in the phase-change memory.

This project aims at understanding the origin and controlling the physical properties of the
intermediate states of resistivity found in phase-change memory devices using Ge-rich Ge-Sb-Te phase change materials. Such devices could be the building blocks of future beyond-von Neumann and brain-inspired computing architectures, in particular artificial synapses. Advanced experimental investigations at the nanoscale, transport measurements and numerical modelling/simulations will be coupled in this project to establish the link between the structural and chemical characteristics of the material and the electrical properties of devices showing these intermediate states after electrical activation.