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Research project selected under the 2020 call for proposals

Principal Investigator : Juliette Billy

Involved Teams :

  • LCAR / Cold Atoms Team
  • LPT / Quantum Coherence Team

Type of project : Collaborative Project

Date (start/end) : 2020 – 2024

(a) Sketch of the system, showing the different chaos-assisted hoppings Jn between the stability islands, centered on the sites of the amplitude-modulated lattice (in blue) and on which atoms are loaded.
(b) Corresponding phase space (position x, momentum p) representation. Stability islands (regular zones, in blue) are embedded in the chaotic sea (in red).

In many classical systems, chaos can be paradoxically exploited to control the state of the system. We aim in this project to transpose this idea to the quantum domain, by investigating cold atoms trapped in a one-dimensional optical lattice periodically driven in a non-perturbative way. Our approach allows to vary the degree of chaos in the system, characterized by the classical phase space, going from mixed phase space, where regular and chaotic zones coexist, to fully chaotic phase space. Due to the presence of extended states in the chaotic zone, long-range quantum transport can occur in such systems. We aim to demonstrate for the first time long-range quantum transport properties in this context and investigate, experimentally and theoretically, how the degree of chaos, quantum localization, and atom-atom interactions affect the transport. The project opens perspectives for quantum simulations with cold atoms, allowing to explore new regimes and models inaccessible so far.