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Research project selected under the 2020 call for proposals

Principal Investigator : Dima Shepelyansky

Involved Teams :

  • LPT / Quantware group

Type of project : Disruptive Project

Date (start/end) : 2020 – 2023

Sensitivity of world countries to Goldman Sachs bank shown by color changing from blue (zero) to yellow (maximum), From Wikipedia network analysis it is shown that this bank is the central bank of Wikipedia even if the top asset position is taken by Industrial and Commenrcial Bank of China (from Physica A v.542, p.123199 (2020)).

The project extends and applies the tools and methods of mesoscopic transport, quantum chaos and theory of quantum chaotic scattering to the problems of directed networks. On the scale of the past ten years, modern societies have developed enormous communication and social networks. Their classification and information retrieval becomes a formidable task for the society. We show that the methods of quantum transport allow to construct new efficient ways of directed network analysis like reduced Google matrix (REGOMAX) and linear response theory of Google matrix (LIRGOMAX). The project will develop new tools and apply them to the world trade of UN COMTRADE database, Wikipedia networks, nanoscale protein-protein interaction networks for problems of cancer, networks of internet flows and other directed networks.